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error writing to lock file (IBM AIX)

From: marko sarunac
Subject: error writing to lock file (IBM AIX)
Date: 29 Apr 2002 11:53:31 -0700

I am maintaining a large cvs server with a few repositories on there.
Each repository is on it's own logical filesystem (IBM AIX box)

In one of the repositories i keep getting the following problem

No locks are set.
cvs [server aborted]: error writing to lock file

This is a binary file that is < 1MB but the server version is about 20
MB with approx 20 revisions at a time.

This is the only file this happens on and before what i had to do is
rename the file to filename_old.bin and then do a fresh checkin of the
new version

It is not a diskspace issue....lots of room all accross the
system....including the /tmp.

Any help is greatelly appreciated!!!

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