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problems with cvs - was not prepared to edit...

From: Leif Hanack
Subject: problems with cvs - was not prepared to edit...
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 15:40:59 +0200


i'm mounted a cvs repository to my netbeans project and have problems to
edit the sources.
when i do so, netbeans tells me:

file "xy" was not prepared to edit

netbeans used this call:

cmd /X /C "cd /D \"D:\dcsVvdInternet\dvsonline\.\"&&
\"C:\programme\devel\wincvs136\cvs.exe\" -d
\":ext:address@hidden:/repDcsVvdInternet\"  edit -a edit -R
\"src\itt\controller\\" "

the output was:

cvs [edit aborted]: cannot find src\itt\controller/ No such
file or directory

strange is the switch between \ and /. is the harmless? do you know where
the problem is?

thanks in advance, leif

PS: i'm using netbeans 3.3.1; with another cvs client (wincvs) i have no

Leif Hanack

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