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Refreshing my working directory

From: Danial Islam
Subject: Refreshing my working directory
Date: 1 May 2002 16:51:50 -0400


I have a working directory called TempDir.   Recently the files in the
repository were modified, so I want to do a refresh of my whole working
directory, even the files that I changed in my working directory and
have not checked in yet. I want everything in TempDir to be updated with
the latest files and overwritten.

However, when I run a "cvs co TempDir", it just *merges* my modified
files with the latest files instead of overwriting (refreshing) them.
Similarly, if i do a "cvs update" from the topmost directory, it does
the same thing.

How can I refresh the whole directory instead of getting all the files
merged?  I can't use "cvs update -C" because I have version 1.10, which
doesn't implement it, and it is a hassle for everyone else to upgrade to
version 1.11.1.


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