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Re: merge mode for XML

From: Lee Sau Dan
Subject: Re: merge mode for XML
Date: 02 May 2002 09:33:45 +0200
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>>>>> "Sean" == Sean Hager <address@hidden> writes:

    Sean> I agree that XML is overkill, but the truth is that it is
    Sean> here to stay.

    Sean> XML is fastly becoming excepted as the defacto standard for

"accepted"?  :)

    Sean> If CVS had away to use modular plug in "diff" and "merge"
    Sean> programs, we could setup a wrapper file that would
    Sean> automatically diff/merge the file differently based on the
    Sean> extension.

Yeah.  That'd  be a cool feature.  But  then, CVS will no  longer be a
standalone  program.  If  you move  the repository  to  another server
where the modules are missing, how would you expect CVS to behave?

Consider the  case where programmers are working  on UNIX workstations
with  an NFS  mounted CVS  repository.   The "cvs"  command just  runs
locally,  without using  the  CVS client-server  operations.  In  this
case, it is possible that  those pluggable modules are present on some
workstations but not the others.   So, files commited from one machine
may fail to  check out in another.   And how can we now  make sure the
snapshots  (tags) is  really  reproducible, when  CVS  now depends  on
extension modules?

Some more thoughts  have to be made before  it becomes reliable.  Some
more changes to the current  architecture will be needed.  This is not
a  simple  change.  Of  course,  I'm  not  saying pluggable  extension
modules  is  a  bad  thing.   And  it  would  be  also  nice  to  have
keyword-substitution modules, too, so that we can keep $Id$ as comment
tags in  GIF/JPEG/PNG/TIFF, for instance.  But some  major redesign of
CVS would  be required to manage  the which versions  of which modules
were used  to commit which changes,  so that CVS  could faithfully and
reliably reproduce the snapshots.

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