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read-only access on module basis in one repository

From: Andreas Thalau
Subject: read-only access on module basis in one repository
Date: Thu, 02 May 2002 14:44:38 +0200

Hi folks,

as I read on it is
possible to gain read-only access to the repository for some users.
I can´t find a hint on managing this for one repository based on

This is what I like to have:
- user "A" read-write access to module "M-A" + "M-B"
- user "B" read-only access to module "M-A" + read-write access to
module "M-B"
(Module "M-A" and module "M-B" are in the same repository)

As I understand the docs mentioned above readers/writers files only
affect the whole repository. They are not module dependend. Maybe I´m
wrong, or there is another way to manage such situation.

Any hints are welcome. Thanks.

Andreas Thalau

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