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cvs remove: removing files not locally?

From: Stefan Bertels
Subject: cvs remove: removing files not locally?
Date: Thu, 02 May 2002 18:25:54 +0200


How can I remove a file in the repository without deleting it locally?

Case: I check in a file by accident and want it removed from the
repository. But I need the file. Think of it as per-user options regarding
to a project.

When I call remove the local file will be removed at my machine now and at
all other users machines at the next update.

I know that this will probably not be easy to solve - my thoughts:

a) _every_ user has to backup the file for himself,
   one user removes it from the repository,
   all users restore the file (now a noncvs file)

b) I remove the file from the repository (e.g. directly),
   _every_ user has to modify his CVS/Entries (remove the line)

Both variants are critical because if they don't update the file or they
don't remove it from CVS/Entries before updating the next time, cvs will
delete the file.

Any ideas?


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