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Re: Any plan to merge cvspwd into cvs?

From: Mark A. Flacy
Subject: Re: Any plan to merge cvspwd into cvs?
Date: 05 May 2002 14:13:18 -0500
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>>>>> "Ben" == Ben Kial <address@hidden> writes:
Ben> I am new to CVS administration and I could some education here...  The
Ben> "cvspwd" only changes the password file under CVSROOT/password.  This
Ben> has nothing to do with any Unix user account. I don't understand how
Ben> can this cause any security problem? Worst comes to worst, a hacker
Ben> can only add/modify/delete CVS users (which in my setting I map them
Ben> all to a Unix "cvsguest" user account). The best (or worst) he can do
Ben> is to mess up the CVS repository, right?

Heh.  You might really want to be sure *who* is performing changes to your

How about the disgruntled employee that codes in a back door or a worm into
your product?  Not only would you want to know who did it but you'd like to
be able to check the *other* changes that they had made to the code base.

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