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Re: Adding description within changed files

From: Norberto Meijome
Subject: Re: Adding description within changed files
Date: Wed, 08 May 2002 15:56:46 +1000
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Christian Gudrian wrote:


Is it possible to add descriptions of what has been changed right
within the file that has been changed, so that CVS will use this
description during the commit process?

It is often hard to keep fully track of what exactly has been changed
and I think it's not advisable to commit a file or diretory structure
after every slight change.


Info-cvs mailing list

good one :-) I've found that using a bug tracking system, and simply noting down the bugs that have been fixed (or features that have been implemented) reduces the amount of info u have to log when committing.

keeping a small text file open to copy/paste the changes (or log messages) can be done too ;-). But I doubt you'll get something like you want into'd have enough problems trying to discriminate your comments from the real code ('real code' being any of things that you could store in CVS).

You could also run a diff before checking in to refresh your memory as to what you've done in that file.


Norberto Meijome
If you were supposed to understand it, we wouldn't call it 'code'.

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