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Re: Emails on branch commits? & disallow commits by branch?

From: Nick Papadonis
Subject: Re: Emails on branch commits? & disallow commits by branch?
Date: Wed, 08 May 2002 10:21:09 -0400
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"Mark D. Baushke" <address@hidden> writes:
>> Is there a way to disallow users to commit changes in certain
>> branches?
> Yes. Return non-zero return code out of the commitinfo script when the
> user is not allowed to commit to that branch.

Thanks Mark.

I'm a little confused however.  Must you have a list of every user to
excluded from a branch checkin?  Wouldn't it be better to have a list
of users who CAN check into a branch?  It would seem smaller in size.

My Perl is a little new, can you explain what files contain the
usernames for the following code segment?

# Disallow commits by some users to given branches
foreach $arg (@files) {
    if (index($arg, ".") == 0) {
    if (grep($_ eq $cvsbranch{$arg}, @locked_tags)) {
        print STDERR "Branch $cvsbranch{$arg} is not allowed for $login\n";

Thanks again.

- Nick

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