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add/remove directory lost in space

From: Phil
Subject: add/remove directory lost in space
Date: 10 May 2002 10:16:24 -0700

One of the users on my system was trying to add a few directories and
is now totally hosed.  I am not sure exactly how she tried to add
them, but let's assume that several "add" and "remove" commands were

I can check out the directory just fine.  But, when she does a "cvs
update -d", the command returns nothing.  The CVS/Entries.Log file
looks like this:

$-> more CVS/Entries.Log 
A D/explicit_path////
A D/interface////
A D/label_map////
A D/mprof////
A D/static_lsp////
A D/tea////
R D/tea////
R D/static_lsp////
R D/mprof////
R D/label_map////
R D/interface////
R D/explicit_path////

Her directory is empty.  Does anyone know how to clean this up?

We are using CVS version 1.10.7.


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