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wincvs and pserver

From: Cristiana Rodrigues de Souza - 1971259-1
Subject: wincvs and pserver
Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 09:03:36 -0300 (EST)
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   I work with cvs in linux (Mandrake) and I configured cvspserver for test. 
I'm trying to connect the repository at Linux trought wincvs at win98, but not
   In linux I configured the file xinetd like this:

 CVS configuration for xinetd don't forget to specify your CVSROOT in
#  /etc/cvs/cvs.conf.

service cvspserver
        disable             = no
        socket_type         = stream
        protocol            = tcp
        wait                = no
        user                = root
        server              = /usr/bin/cvs
        server_args         = -f --alow-root=/home/cvs/ pserver

  And the other problem is that when I test the connection on Linux with the 

  cvs -d :pserver:address@hidden:/home/cvs login

the message is: recv() from server desenv: connection reset by peer.

Please, if someone help me....


Cristiana R Sousa

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