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Multisite Mirroring

From: Mahantesh
Subject: Multisite Mirroring
Date: Tue, 14 May 2002 18:18:12 +0530

Hello friends,
I have unique requirememt in CVSUP.First let me give sime details about
the problem.
Our clients' enterprise is distributed into 3 locations.We want all
three sites to have CVS servers which will be in sync with each
other.Suppose there are 9 modules in the CVSROOT( repository).And also
suppose there are 3 locations A, B, C.
i) First three modules will be local to location A. i.e users in A will
have  full access to all the files first 3 modules.That means they will
able checkin and update files locally.But A site users will have read
only access to other modules than first three.

ii) Modules 4,5,6 will be local to location B.i.e users in B will have
full access to modules 4,5,6.They will be able to ceckin and update
locally.But B site users will have read only access to other modules(

iii) Similarly with C sites users with modules 7,8,9.

For this I wanted to make all the three CVS servers run CVSUP server as
well as client so that they can synch with each other.Is this a right
approach to attack this challenge?
Does any of you think a better way to achieve this? But emphasis  is on
'having all the three servers same files at a given point of time'.

Thanks in advance.

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