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Re: are there any log files for cvs client/server connection information

From: david
Subject: Re: are there any log files for cvs client/server connection information?
Date: Tue, 14 May 2002 08:22:09 -0500 (CDT)

> Recently we had a cvs co command 'hang' and we are trying to debug what
> happened.  The server side (RH 6.2 running CVS 10.7) show no processes
> running, but the solaris side (Solaris 8, running CVS 1.11) still shows
> the cvs co in process.    So somehow the server side closed the connect,
> but the client side hasn't groked that.
What access method are you using?  pserver?  ext (and if so what is

Any sign that the checkout proceeded?  Did any files show up on the
client?  Do you keep a history file?  If so, you should be able
to check this to see if a checkout is recorded.  ("cvs history",
with appropriate options).
One thing you want to establish is where it hung in the process.
Did the client ever connect to the server?  If so, did it do part
or all of the checkout?  There could be problems with the connection
software, and unless it's pserver that's outside the scope of this

(BTW, 1.10.7 is over two and a half years old.  You might consider
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