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on commit command run

From: Patrick Nelson
Subject: on commit command run
Date: Tue, 14 May 2002 13:13:06 -0700

Or really any command.  I realize that this may not work but, I thought I'd
ask the cvs pros.  

I've been reading through cvs documentation and have setup a emailing
process in the loginfo file of CVSROOT with a command line like:
  ALL mail -s "CVS Commit" address@hidden

great works reasonably well. But the thing that I would like to do is to do
something with the files that are committed.  This would involve getting the
name of the committed file in it's check-out'able form.  So if the files
that were checked in were testbrnch01.tst and tstcase12.tst under mtest/otf/
and mtest/itf/ in the cvs repository, I could send that to a script with:

  ALL CIParser mtest/otf/testbrnch01.tst mtest/itf/tstcase12.tst

and have those files added to the call to CIParser command line.  Is this
kind of thing possible with cvs 1.11.1p1 or am I dreaming?  There does not
seem to be command line substitution variables for the file name like the %s
%V and %v offer but don't solve.

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