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RE: How to keep unix eoln in repository

From: Peter Ring
Subject: RE: How to keep unix eoln in repository
Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 00:18:01 +0200

Your repository files do have unix-style eol ... it's just that there's a CR
at the end of each line ;)

This will happen un-intentionally if you use a cvs client with no eol
conversion (e.g., the Cygwin port) and stupid editors that munge eol. If
your Windows-hosted developers really need DOS text file format, they should
be using a cvs client that does eol conversion.

kind regards
Peter Ring

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Sent: 14. maj 2002 12:56
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Subject: How to keep unix eoln in repository

is there any simple way how to keep unix ends of lines (eolns) in
the repository?
Despite the fact that our compile & link platform is UNIX, some
of our developers edit source files on windows. And they always
forget to change win eolns to unix eolns...
Is it possible to set/write a trigger which would convert eolns
in text files during cvs checkin?
If not, is there another chance?
Thanks a lot,
Dusan Juhas

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