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Re: CVS for website maintenance ?

From: Les Bell
Subject: Re: CVS for website maintenance ?
Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 08:31:53 +1000

Tom Hall <address@hidden> wrote:

Assume you have a website and you'd like to be able to have
several people make changes to it.

Would it make sense to use CVS for this ?

Does anyone know of a website currently being maintained this way ?

See the article by Philip Greenspun at
Coincidentally, I'm just starting to look at exactly this topic - I need to
work out a way to implement a process whereby various authors contribute to
web site (on a development server) for an elementary school and the school
principal is able to authorize every page which is then uploaded to the
public server. I *think* it's do-able, but I haven't given it a great deal
of thought so far - the big problem is going to be providing a
user-friendly interface for completely non-technical users (teachers).


--- Les []

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