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Re: How to restrict pserver logins for cvs users

From: david
Subject: Re: How to restrict pserver logins for cvs users
Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 17:28:51 -0500 (CDT)

> Hi,
>     I want to restrict users (local unix users) from specific machines
> logging into cvs server using pserver method with cvs user accounts?. Any
> advice will be appreciated.
My first advice is that, if you have a serious concern about security,
don't use pserver.  Limiting specific pserver users only makes sense
if you trust the users not to undermine your configuration.  If you
don't trust all the users, use the "ext" access method with ssh.

Moreover, I'm a little confused here.  Are you trying to restrict
access to specific users, or to whoever is logged in on specific
machines?  CVS, like most such services, doesn't really care where
the connection comes from, so you would have to use some other
form of restriction to block off certain machines.

Assuming that you want to block off the users, remember that CVS requires
a valid user account when invoked.  If the users have accounts on the
server, they can use those; if not, you can supply account names in
the third field of CVSROOT/passwd.  You simply make sure that the
users that should not access certain directories don't have write or
execute permissions on those directories.  If they should have
read-only access, then they need read and execute permission for
the directories, and you need to supply a LockDir= line in your

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