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||- howto commit comments to the source file?? -||

From: gaelen gallashant
Subject: ||- howto commit comments to the source file?? -||
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 09:31:57 -0300


I am a SysAdmin that has been asked to solve a CVS question for the company
I am working with.  The main outcome that is wanted would be for people to
have the ability to add comments to the actuall source code in the
repository.  I know with the linux and OSX system that I use comment files
are always shown by having the " # " in front of it.

Is there a way to make this possible using cvs??  the problem that the
developer presented to me is pasted below.



"I need to know what files and the commands to specify in the files for
logging the history of changes in source files. I suspect this is need
for CFR auditing. The URL below should have this information.

Specifically, when a file is committed to CVS I need the commit
comment from the user placed into the source file. My hope is that the
comment will be placed on the alter blocks as seen by a CVS diff. The
only files that should be impacted by this are *.h and *.cpp files."

Gaelen Gallashant

insideBLUE Network Solutions

PO BOX 1498. Station A
Fredericton. NB. E3B 5G2


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