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Re: CVS vs VSS

From: Joi Ellis
Subject: Re: CVS vs VSS
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 14:43:47 -0500 (CDT)

On Thu, 16 May 2002, Aaron Kelley wrote:

> We are just beginning to use CVS for our project development and there
> has been a little friction from users who have used Microsoft Visual
> Source Safe before.  I have somehow become the source of information for
> CVS and I am looking for answers to a few complaints I have received.
> First, one of the biggest complaints is that when tools are used within
> our IDE (JBuilder) to refactor code, files may be moved and deleted.

Yeah. JBuilder's new refactoring support doesn't attempt to manage VSS
changes, I believe because the process one uses varies wildly with VSS
product.  JBuilder's developers chose to leave it up to the developer
to manually add/remove refactored files as needed.

> The problem is that when a commit is made, the new files are not
> automatically added and the old files are deleted locally, but not in
> the repository.  I know there are plenty of manual ways to do it, but
> the argument being used is that this approach will not scale as we add
> more developers and the repository will be filled with old files and
> lack new files.

In a CVS environment, it's up to the user to manually add/delete files.
I think VSS knew how to handle that internally, which is why your users
are complaining.  JBuilder doesn't help with this, but it isn't the source
of the problem, either.

> Second, is there a way to compare all of local files with all of the
> files in the CVS repository and get a list of files out of sink, files
> that exist locally and not in the repository, and files in the
> repository and not locally?

JBuilder | Team | Status Browser or Commit Browser

This is basically using a 'cvs status' command.  I like to use something

cvs status | grep File:

JBuilder has had some form of cvs support since 3.5.  I'm looking at 6.0

> Third, what happens when a file is moved in the repository and someone
> with a local copy does an update?  Does their local file get deleted?
> If not, do they have to delete it manually?
> Fourth, can you control who controls can write to what files?  What type
> of permission control can be added?

These two questions are CVS specific and are probably covered in the manual
or the FAQ.  Someone else will probably answer them soon, and I'm not certain
of the answers myself, so I won't try.  

> Basically, the biggest two problems are lack of control and lack of
> tools to automate processes.  If I could solve these problems, then it
> might be acceptable.  We are using a combination of Win CVS and Tortoise
> CVS.  There is a tool for JBuilder that provides much of this
> integration, but only comes with the enterprise version ($3000).

There is an CVS sample opentool packaged for JBuilder 3.5.  I believe some
users have installed it in JB6 Personal and achieved more rudimentary
cvs access within the ide that way.

> I would appreciate any answers or places where I can find answers.

You can ask JBuilder specific questions on Borland's newsgroups:

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Aravox Technologies          address@hidden, address@hidden

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