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Re: Automatically have winCVS place version string in code.

From: Muhammad Shakeel
Subject: Re: Automatically have winCVS place version string in code.
Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 16:14:25 +0500
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Dear larry,

You mean the $Name keyward can be assigned to a string. Therefor the value will be assigned to that variable which can be used later on to find the version. In this case it will be necessary for a developer to first insert tag, cvs update  and build the binary.

But some times developers build a application/library after checking out the code from HEAD. so in this case the no tag information is there. In this case can we find automatically from the CVS the 'Date and time' of the code was checked out from HEAD ?

Also the Branch tag value do not come in $Name keyword.


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Is there a way that winCVS can be set up to do some kind of a string 
replacement so that a tag can be placed in a version string in my code.

See the CVS manual:


-Larry Jones

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