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cvs history question?

From: Vinh Cao
Subject: cvs history question?
Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 11:07:48 -0400

Hello All:

Can anyone help on cvs history command ? here is the question: I am forward
question from one of my engineer:
"what command I need to issue to try to determine what files have been
changed on a branch since a particular date? I tried using cvs history with
different flags and arg's but can't get it to do what I want, for example, I
tried to put these things together 
cvs history -a -rBRANCH-IS41DEV -D"2002-04-30 00:00" but it doesn't work 
-a: all users 
-rBRANCH-IS41DEV: the branch I am interested in 
-D"2002-04-30 00:00": the starting date I'd like to see if any files have
changed "

Thank you for your help in advances.

Vinh Cao
Unix systems admin

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