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Re: how to implement user level security in cvs ?

From: Nick Papadonis
Subject: Re: how to implement user level security in cvs ?
Date: Sat, 18 May 2002 02:56:39 -0400
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Muhammad Shakeel <address@hidden> writes:
> Thanks for your reply. I implemented a ACL on a folder in my
> repository, when some one checkin in this folder, loginfo execute the
> script and refreshes the whole ACL recursively  in that folder. But
> when  a user who is not the owner of the files in repository (Although
> he has rwx permissions), check in a file the script on its execution
> gives an error message :


I didn't catch this whole thread, but would like to offer ACL
insight.  I researched this area and ended up using the ACL script
included with the CVS source.  When setup correctly, this script turns out
suitable for controlling access on a per module, directory, branch,
and user basis.

Hope this helps.

- Nick

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