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Re: CVS generates new files

From: Rasmus Resen Amossen
Subject: Re: CVS generates new files
Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 05:18:32 +0200

> CVS protects you by keeping an unmodified copy of your file
> in your working directory, with the name `.#file.revision'
> where revision is the revision that your modified file started from.

Ok, that explains it. I just couldn't find any documentation on that, so
I considdered it as a bug.

> In our system the files are named using `.#file.revision` and I
> clean my Master Build Library (MBL) once a month to remove these
> files that are over one month old with the following cron entry:

Do you know how to customize the naming of the backup files? The
preceeding dot is smart in fact that it hides the file during normal
"ls" calls.

Thaks again.


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