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Re: win2k pro and wincvs and ssh

From: Rene Berber
Subject: Re: win2k pro and wincvs and ssh
Date: 17 May 2002 08:44:59 -0700

"Ming the Merciless" <address@hidden> wrote in message news:<address@hidden>...

> I can connect fine via ssh and can do my work, however, any time I execute a
> command it keeps the dos window open until I close it manually. I read an
> article about ssh and how it doesn't close the connection under certain
> circumstances. Anyone know how to make the dos window exit after the command
> is run?

IMO it's a WinCVS bug (or feature); with beta 6 it used to
work whithout a problem, with older versions it also worked, so that's
the alternative: downgrade.

R. Berber
rberber AT

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