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Is this taginfo problem a permissions thing?

From: Duane Morin
Subject: Is this taginfo problem a permissions thing?
Date: 17 May 2002 10:29:47 -0700

For the life of me I can't get taginfo to work although I think I'm
doing everything right. I put together a quick repository in my home
/home/dmorin/repository.  I have
/home/dmorin/repository/CVSROOT/taginfo and taginfo,v.

I create a /home/dmorin/localcheckout and do "cvs co CVSROOT".  I add
ALL     '/home/dmorin/ $1 $2 $3 $4'

( is just a quick shell script:
 echo $1 $2 $3 $4 >> /tmp/taglog)

I checkin taginfo.  But no matter how many tagging operations I do,
this file is not getting executed -- I would think that I would at
least see a /tmp/taglog file of length 0 if the program was being
executed but had nothing to echo.

The weird part is that when I look at /home/dmorin/repository/CVSROOT
I see that taginfo has *not* changed at all, bit taginfo,v seems to
indeed know about my change!  What's the scoop with that?  That's the
part I can't figure out.  I don't get any errors from cvs when I
commit the file.  I thought it might be a permissions thing (I had
r--r--r-- when I first looked at the repository, but then changed it
to rw-rw-rw- and it's still a problem), but no luck.

Anybody point me in the right direction?  The online tutorials I'm
finding aren't helping me with this -- they all just say "Checkout
CVSROOT, edit the file you want, then check it back in." Well, I'm
doing that, and it's not working.


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