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Re: CVSROOT/passwd ?

From: Rene Berber
Subject: Re: CVSROOT/passwd ?
Date: 20 May 2002 08:48:27 -0700

"Jeff Bert" <address@hidden> wrote in message news:<address@hidden>...

> I'd like to use teh CVSROOT/passwd instead of /etc/passwd but how do I set
> that up?

Read section of the Cerderqvist CVS manual.  Then you may want
to get a copy of htpasswd (from the Apache httpd server distribuiton)
or an equivalent tool (search for cvspasswd) to generate / manage that

> Is there a setting in the cvsweb.conf that needs to be set?

Cvsweb has nothing to do with this.

> the only setting related to passwords I could see in mine was:
> @DissallowedRead = ("\^.cvspass\$", "^passwd\$");

That means: don't show files names ".cvspass" or "passwd" in your

Hope this helps.
R. Berber
rberber AT

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