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Re: Standard Styntax for TAG

From: Muhammad Shakeel
Subject: Re: Standard Styntax for TAG
Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 11:21:53 +0500
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Thanks for the information, but there should be a version number of the module in case of release level tag. I designed the following syntax. Any comments/suggestions ?

Release Tag Syntax:   




Branch TAG Syntax:

B_ BranchName_ProjectName_ TAGName_State


B_ Group2_ H263_TestOK

Devoper TAG Syntaz:




Glew, Andy wrote:
Is there is any standard syntax or pattern for Tags , for 
following type of tags or some other importnat one:

Developement level Tags
Release levelTags
Branch level Tags

I don't know of any universal standards, but I try to enforce
the following on projects I am involved with.
Also, I have several scripts, like cvs-make-branch,
that automatically mandate some of these

All branches should have "branch" in them,
e.g. the branch tag should be suffixed

All branches should have a tag "branch-base"
associated with the contour they branched from
e.g. the branch tag, suffixed

Less often, but more and more recently,
I use the words "contour" to distinguish
tags that identify a self consistent set of versions
e.g. some meaningful name suffixed

I nearly always want to have the date and time
in my tags. I indicate this as
I only use local time at the moment, although
have been forced to use GMT in the past.

I only do not put the year and date
a) for floating tags
e.g. regression-test-latest
although for such floating tags I usually have
a timestamped version
e.g. regression-test-2002-05-17-16h10
or b) for long-lived tags, typically branches,
However, overall I find long-lived branches a bad idea,
and prefer to unify them via the build system.
I more often regret not having the timestamp in a branch tag
than I regret having it in a tag.

At the front of a tag, of course, I try to put something meaningful.
I have learned that it is best to put the most distinguishing part
of the tag first rather than last, so that name completion tools
work well --- e.g. meaningful-text--2002-05-17-16h20--branch
rather than tag-2002-05-17-16h20--branch--meaningful-text.

I have tried to enforce naming conventions wrt merge points,
where other branches are merged in, but have never found a good


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