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Re: problem when using shell script to checkout huge binary files (>70MB

From: Joi Ellis
Subject: Re: problem when using shell script to checkout huge binary files (>70MB)
Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 08:28:19 -0500 (CDT)

On 21 May 2002, Lee Fellows wrote:

> Hi Veronica,
>   Have you tried the shell script from the command line, not calling
> it from inside Java?  What were the results?  In calling this shell
> script from java, is this an automated process (i.e., a cron job)?
> If so, have you tried running the java process from the command line? 
> What were the results?
>   More questions then helpful suggestions, I know, but it would help
> to know what your environment is telling you.  I am suspicious of a 
> timeout, possibly being imposed by the java process, but your
> observations can help confirm or eliminate that possibility.

Check the default ulimit values for the shell the program is calling.
For instance, bash ulimit can specify maximum values for a number of
things which could cause your script to die while checking out very
large files.  

On my red hat box, there is a ulimit comment in the /etc/profile file
which limits the size of a core file.  There may also be ulimit commands
elsewhere, like in ~/.profile.

I've seen file operations fail for very large files using cygwin cvs ports
on Windows 2000.  If the file is over a certain size, the windows process
dies with an out-of-memory error.  I've seen this happen on a coworker's
win2k box, while I can manipulate the same file on my linux system without

Joi Ellis                    Software Engineer
Aravox Technologies          address@hidden, address@hidden

No matter what we think of Linux versus FreeBSD, etc., the one thing I
really like about Linux is that it has Microsoft worried.  Anything
that kicks a monopoly in the pants has got to be good for something.
           - Chris Johnson

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