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Re: Is this taginfo problem a permissions thing?

From: Duane Morin
Subject: Re: Is this taginfo problem a permissions thing?
Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 11:51:55 -0400

You're correct about my syntax, I fixed that once I got the script to be called at all.  I most likely just plain confused something, because I started from scratch on a different machine, it worked, then I went back to the original machine, started from scratch, and it worked.  Thanks for the help.


address@hidden (Larry Jones)

05/21/2002 11:43 AM

        To:        Duane Morin/SKI/USA/address@hidden
        cc:        address@hidden
        Subject:        Re: Is this taginfo problem a permissions thing?

Duane Morin writes:
> I create a /home/dmorin/localcheckout and do "cvs co CVSROOT".  I add
> this
> line:
> ALL     '/home/dmorin/ $1 $2 $3 $4'

That is wildly incorrect.  You want just:

                ALL                 /home/dmorin/

> The weird part is that when I look at /home/dmorin/repository/CVSROOT
> I see that taginfo has *not* changed at all, bit taginfo,v seems to
> indeed know about my change!  What's the scoop with that?

You did commit taginfo after modifying it, didn't you?  When you did,
you should have gotten a message from CVS saying that it was "Rebuilding
administrative file database"; it sounds like that didn't happen.  If
not, it's because you managed to confuse CVS and it didn't know you were
modifying files in CVSROOT -- what's in your working directory's
CVS/Root file?  To work around the problem, you can force a database
rebuild by doing "cvs init".

-Larry Jones

When you're SERIOUS about having fun, it's not much fun at all! -- Calvin

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