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newbie cvs question for windows

From: Daniel
Subject: newbie cvs question for windows
Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 16:10:13 GMT

I am using Windows 2000 to host cvs as a server. I am also using WinCVS as
the client. Both are working and I can check things in and out. Currently, I
set the server to run with the pserver protocol and the pserver

(1) I understand that pserver is a protocol that transmits the
username/password/data in the clear, but what exactly is pserver

(2) I do not have ntserver or ntserver impersonation checked. If I read the
information correctly (and it's very brief), ntserver protocol only works
with NT/2000 client machines, so that if I use this protocol on the server,
Linux/Unix machines won't be able to access the cvs server. Is this correct?
I also was not clear on whether ntserver encrypts
username/password/transmission of data.

(3) When I use pserver, I need to type in a username and password. Just for
fun, I switched pserver off, and turned on ntserver. On the command line of
the server itself, I tried to login but could not (because that's for
pserver), so I did a checkout without entering username/password. (a) How is
it authenticating me? (b) If I wanted to use the command line from another
machine to connect, what would be the syntax? That is, would I have to
change the CVSROOT variable on the other machine, and if so, to what? (c)
Assuming that the CVSROOT on the other machine does not contain a
username/password, again, how is it authenticating me? Is it looking to see
if I am a Windows user of the server machine?


(1) In admin, preferences, what does the use version box represent? There
are two options: standard or nt server. Is nt server mean that the cvs
server is using the ntserver protocol? I wasn't sure because my cvs server
was only using pserver and impersonation, and I was still able to do a log
of a file while my wincvs client was set to using ntserver.

What is the best way to encrypt username/password/data while using the cvs
server on Windows and using WinCVS as a client?

Sorry for all the questions.

Thanks in advance.

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