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CVS Checkins/Commits By E-mail

From: David T. Ashley
Subject: CVS Checkins/Commits By E-mail
Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 20:55:26 -0400


I'd like to allow users to check files into CVS by e-mail addressed to my
server.  They would just put some special instructions in the e-mail (like
the full path of the file) and attach the file.  The transaction would be
verified via a cryptographic hash return mail and confirmation.

Here are my questions:

a)Are there any web interface packages for CVS around?  ViewCVS is great,
but it doesn't allow one to also check in stuff (just to view it).

b)Has anyone done any e-mail stuff like this before?  Any packages around?

c)Any tips or suggestions?  (which scripting languages to use to most easily
process e-mail?, etc.)

Best regards and thanks, Dave Ashley.

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