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Functionality differences between CVS and CVSNT (Newbie)

From: Karim Saloojee
Subject: Functionality differences between CVS and CVSNT (Newbie)
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 11:57:11 +0200


What are the differences functionality wise between the main CVS and the
CVSNT port? I have searched  a few of the mailing lists but I have not come
up with any concrete answers.

Is there also a difference in the way security is handled? I understand that
pserver is supported on CVSNT, but how does that differ from how it is
supported under CVS?

Is it possible to take a CVSNT repository and move it to CVS and vice versa?
Why has CVSNT been backported to Linux/Unix, what is the point of that
considering you have the original CVS for Linux/Unix?

Thanks in advance,

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