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problems with timestamps at re- checkout

From: Rex, Sören
Subject: problems with timestamps at re- checkout
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 13:54:50 +0200

We had the following scenario:
1. user1: cvs co foo 
2. user2: cvs ci foo                        -> commit new versions of foo/bla
3. user1: cd foo; make                   -> creates targets outside foo
4. user1: cd ..; cvs release -d foo    -> target outside foo not deleted
5. user1: cvs co foo                       -> get foo with new version of foo/bla
6. user1: cd foo; make                   -> doesn't recreate target,
because cvs co/up creates new files in working directory with the timestamp from last checkin.
Why "cvs co/up" creates new files with the timestamp of their checkin ?
An option to cvs co/up to force the current timestamp at new files would be very helpful.
Or is there another way to get the target recreated ?
Sören Rex

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