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From: Sohrab Saran
Subject: repository????
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 20:59:10 +0530

I am a CVS newbie. My jCVS frontend was apparently not working, so I  looked
in the CVS directory where the files that jCVS references  reside. I found
this file called "repository" and found that it was  pointing to one
directory above the root of the repository. So I went  and changed this to
the root.

Later on I had second thoughts and going through the CVS  documentation,
found that "repository" contains the  location in the repository where the
parent folder of the CVS folder resides.

 I think the filename "repository" is misleading and that this filename
should be deprecated and changed to "location" or something. Keeping
intuitive naming conventions would help  encourage people to study and
improve CVS. Otherwise they would be on the lookout for other friendlier
version control systems.

I hope that this is useful.

Sohrab Saran

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