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CVS/fileattr error when checking out

From: Piet Verhoeve
Subject: CVS/fileattr error when checking out
Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 10:15:32 +0200


when checking out a tree, I get the error message :

cvs server: Updating tcs/cpp/tcs2500/ce2500/src
cvs server: cannot read /CVS/dev/tcs/cpp/tcs2500/ce2500/src/CVS/fileattr: Permission denied

Can someone tell me what generates this error ?
Is this something I should worry about ?
Can I prevent it from occurring or should I tell the developers not to worry ?


Piet V.

Ir. Piet Verhoeve, PhD
Sr. Research Associate

Televic N.V
Leo Bekaertlaan 1
8870 Izegem (Belgium)
Tel. +32 51 30 30 45
Fax. +32 51 31 06 70
email: address@hidden

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