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Correct way to import a project into CVS

From: Nicholas Bachmann
Subject: Correct way to import a project into CVS
Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 20:28:35 -0400
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I'm working on a piece of developer documentation for a GNU/Linux
distrobution designed for schools.  A bug was filed in our tracking
system ( about the
correct way to import into a project.  I'm posting the relevent sections
below.  Thanks for any help you can offer; I'll include your name in the
Acknowledgments section of our guide.

I know that this is how the say to import a project.

cvs import projectname username start

But I disagree. Here is why.

cvs import is the action you are doing
projectname is the directory it will be placed in.
username is actually in the spot of a tag
and so is start.


How I recommend and ask that projects be imported

cvs import projectname MAIN HEAD

this tags everything with the basic tags so that you can then tag releases.

/------- Additional Comment #1
<> From Nick Bachmann
<mailto:address@hidden> 2002-05-27 18:17 ------- /

Fixed In Document to:

5.2 Adding A Project

If you wish to add your project to the repository, you can use the command

address@hidden hermie]$ cvs import projectname MAIN HEAD

where projectname is the name of the project directory. CVS will let you
the status of the import. You should mention in the log message that
this is the
initial import.

/------- Additional Comment #2
<> From Matt Jezorek
<mailto:address@hidden> 2002-05-27 19:06 ------- /

This might not be the best way there may be a better way I am not sure I
am not
a cvs wizard.

/------- Additional Comment #3
<> From Nick Bachmann
<mailto:address@hidden> 2002-05-27 20:10 ------- /

I am reopening this and checking with the CVS mailing list at

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Nicholas Bachmann
Documentation Manager
Blue Linux

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