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Re: How to get Log messages between two tags usind cvs log command?

From: Jonathan Kamens
Subject: Re: How to get Log messages between two tags usind cvs log command?
Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 19:58:55 +0000 (UTC)

Use "cvs rdiff -s" to get a summary of the changes between the two
tags, and then parse its output and use rlog to retrieve the log
messages for the indicated revisions of the indicated files.

Check out <URL:>, which will do
this for you automatically and produce a summary of the changes,
although it won't be in ChangeLog format.  If you want to enhance this
script to make it support generating output that can parse,
or even to do what does directly, I'd gladly accept your
enhancements to the script.

I'm not sure if handles deleted files properly, i.e.,
includes in the ChangeLog an indication of the change in which they
were deleted.  My cvsrdiffsum script doesn't handle this case; it just
lists deleted files, without listing when they were deleted.  This
could probably be fixed, but I haven't felt it necessary.  Again, if
you want to fix it and send me a patch, that would be great.

Note that I applied earlier today to the maintainer of to
create a cvsrdiffsum project so that I can publish the script on the
CVS Web site, but this hasn't been approved yet, hence the URL above
on my personal Web site.

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