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RE: Line Breaks

From: Peter Ring
Subject: RE: Line Breaks
Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 23:11:32 +0200

Another potential source of confusion could be DOS-style text files checked
in as binary files (from any CVS client on any OS).

BTW, Windows applications are often more forgiving about end-of-line style
than Unix applications. I've been living and working 'incorrectly' for some
years now. Those few text files that absolutely must be DOS-style are anyway
of little use in a sandbox on a Unix workstation. So all my text files are
Unix-style, and a few of them have a CR at the end of each line.

kind regards
Peter Ring

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Larry Jones
Sent: 1. januar 1601 01:00
To: Willi Richert
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Subject: Re: Line Breaks

Willi Richert writes:
> the CVS doc says that it handles the different
> line breaks of windows and unix platforms by itself.
> I.e. if I check out a file under unix which was
> checked in under windows I get the unix line breaks.
> Is that true? In my CVS it does not work. Do I have to
> put on certain switches to get that behaviour?

Yes, it's true, provided your CVS clients follow the rules.  The
standard CVS release works correctly.  WinCVS and the cygwin version of
CVS can both be configured to work incorrectly, using Unix line endings
on Windows.

-Larry Jones

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