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Re: Line Breaks

From: Jouni Heikniemi
Subject: Re: Line Breaks
Date: Sun, 02 Jun 2002 09:35:20 +0300

At 13:48 31.5.2002 -0500, address@hidden wrote:
>   - Using Cygwin, or so I gather from the list
That's how it happened in the cases I know about.  I don't know
exactly how Cygwin works in the general case, but we were getting
CRLFs committed from it.

When installing cygwin, it asks whether you want the package to use unix or windows linefeeds by default. I've had similar problems with linefeeds too; if I configure my Cygwin to one setting and then feed it files of the other format, all sorts of nice things happen. In most environments neither of the settings is perfect, so you'll always lose something. But since Win32 clients can use the CVSNT version anyway, that's not such a big problem in practice.


Ps. Just had a nice incident with CRLF's in the repo myself. This time I created it by importing sources from unix, coolly forgetting that the sources arrived in a zip from a Windows box... Spent a nice couple of hours manually fixing the repo :-(

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