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synchronizing multiple CVS-repositories .... ?

From: Schmidt Henning (BNS USA)
Subject: synchronizing multiple CVS-repositories .... ?
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2002 08:05:46 -0500

Is there a script/program/... that allows me to synchronize individual copies of one cvs repository?

For technical reasons (distributed dev team, access to common server only possible for limited time per day) I want to give every developer their own copy of the complete CVS repository. At some point (once a day) they would be required to synchronize themselves with the central server. This means that they have to send a package containing all the data about their changes since the last sync (and vice-versa).

This would be similar to Ration ClearCase MultiSite.

This problem seems generic enough that someone might already have solved it ... any hint/pointer/tip is greatly appreciated.


H. Henning Schmidt, address@hidden
Thomson Multimedia, Film Imaging,

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