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CVS Configuration on Windows 9x

From: Marcelo Saldanha
Subject: CVS Configuration on Windows 9x
Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2002 00:52:50 -0300

Hi everybody!

  I'm totally new to CVS, and I'm having so many problems with
CVS on Windows 95/98. First, from my concept of Client/Server,
I supposed there should be 2 cvs programs, sort of a Listener and a
Client. But (if I didn't get the wrong file...) there is only 1 file
I got the from
First of my problems, this cvs.exe was command-line program. If it was
the server, no problem, I can deal with command line. But for the clients
I *must* have GUI, or at least something very easy to use.
Since there's no installation, I don't know if I have to setup something
or should I just setup the remote repository via this cvs.exe and starting
using it.
I've also got many GUI's for cvs, most written in Java, like jCVS, WinCVS,
SmartCVS, TortoiseCVS, etc... but, (what the heck) they're all need CVS and
Java SDK or JRE already configurated. I think I need an extensive walkthru
CVS setup on Win9x (oh yes! I don't have WinNT for a server, so this CVSNT I
found, wich sounded good, is of no use to me), or some program who does it
for me.
Once I get the server up and running, I think I should be able to setup the
clients by myself.

By the way, what are the differences between pserver and those other methods
of accessing the cvs server?

-- Sorry if I sound a little pissed of - in fact, I am. I'm starting
thinking about developing some CVS Front-end AND Back-end in Delphi, so I
get exactly what I willing for, and also get to understand how it works. ;-)

   Marcelo Saldanha

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