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[Nick Papadonis <address@hidden>] [ViewCVS-dev] Filename whitespace bug

From: Nick Papadonis
Subject: [Nick Papadonis <address@hidden>] [ViewCVS-dev] Filename whitespace bug
Date: Tue, 04 Jun 2002 08:07:08 -0400
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It appears ViewCVS has problems with filenames composed of
whitespaces.  I think the problem is in 'loginfo-handler'.  More
specifically the following block of code:

def ProcessLoginfo(repository, stdin_list):
    ## XXX This is a somewhat dirty hack:
    ## cvsdb already loads the configuration file and provides a cfg
    ## instance.  Pick it from there in order to be able to pass it down
    ## to rlog (see below).
    cfg = cvsdb.cfg     ## the first line in stdin is a space-separated list; 
the first
    ## item in the list is the directory path being updated this run;
    ## the rest of the items are the files being updated
    list = string.split(stdin_list[0])

Is this a bug in ViewCVS or CVS itself?  Did the CVS designers no
envision whitespaces in filenames?

Any insight much appreciated.  Thanks.

- Nick

Here is my use case:

I was trying to remove a file named 'OSD Design.doc' and cvsdb attempts
to find Attic/Design.doc,v instead of 'Attic/OSD Desgin.doc,v'.

cvs commit -m "no message" "OSD Design.doc" (in directory
**** Access allowed: Sufficient Priviledges.
Removing OSD Design.doc;
/cvsroot/doc/OSD Design.doc,v  <--  OSD Design.doc
new revision: delete; previous revision: 1.7
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/local/viewcvs/loginfo-handler", line 189, in ?
    ProcessLoginfo(repository, stdin_list)
  File "/usr/local/viewcvs/loginfo-handler", line 162, in ProcessLoginfo
    temp = GetUnrecordedCommitList(repository, file_data)
  File "/usr/local/viewcvs/loginfo-handler", line 106, in
    return cvsdb.GetUnrecordedCommitList(repository, filename)
  File "/usr/local/viewcvs-0.9.2/lib/", line 744, in
    commit_list = GetCommitListFromRCSFile(repository, filename)
  File "/usr/local/viewcvs-0.9.2/lib/", line 738, in
    raise error, e
cvsdb error: rlog file not found: /cvsroot/doc/Attic/Design.doc,v

*****CVS exited normally with code 0*****

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