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cvs version compatability

From: Stanton, Curt (NCI/IMS)
Subject: cvs version compatability
Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2002 08:21:01 -0400

Sorry for the noob question.
I am using WinCVS 1.2 and I am about to switch to the latest beta WinCVS1.3b8.  1.2 uses cvs 1.11 and 1.3b8 uses cvs
First question.  Do I need to delete my sandbox and heckout my module again when I make the switch?
Second,  The Unix box that is hosting the repository has cvs 1.11.1p1.  Is there a compatabilty problem with WinCVS running
Thanks in advance
Curt Stanton
IMS Inc.
Silver Spring MD

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