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Re: using cvs on a multi-developer web project ,help?

From: Jilles Oldenbeuving
Subject: Re: using cvs on a multi-developer web project ,help?
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2002 07:48:09 +0200

> We're setting up CVS on a Solaris box, and we're using
> it for a Java/JSP implementation.
> what's the ideal way to deploy CVS in a
> web-development context using Apache/Tomcat.
> How would a web-based implementation of CVS be
> different than a software build type CVS
> implementation?

None, to CVS they are all textfiles... and textfiles
are just the best type for CVS to deal with!

> Noel adviced to not have a shared working directory
> for different developers, but what if you simply need
> to change one minor thing on a JSP page, then save it
> and refresh the browser to see the change on a
> development machine?   Would that entail a checkin
> then a commit, thus forcing all other developers to
> update their working directories?

I'd say yes. Because this ensures a lot of things. I see
you are worried for the overhead? Well, if it is just this
minor change, it prolly would not be a change EVERY 
developer would want RIGHT NOW. (They can have
it right now though, it is all possible with one little
command 'cvs update').

> Moreover, do all developers set up a working directory
> in their home directory, then a virtual server to
> point to that location, and when they're done w/ their
> "piece" of the site, do they commit it to the main
> trunk?

See my answer to the previous paragraph

> Should all developers get a "branch" ?

No, i would not recommend that... for possible strategies
check out (not in the cvs sense of the word :-)):

Which is an excellent article.

> Anyone have any experience deploying CVS for web
> implementations?

Just a little bit... It works perfect for me and the developers
i work with.

> Thanks in advance.....


Jilles Oldenbeuving

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