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Tracking third party software

From: Ripalda-Marin, Miguel-Angel
Subject: Tracking third party software
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2002 11:54:07 +0100

When I started one project and setup my CVS, I included in my repository the
sources for GNU tar... I used the VENDOR (GNU) and VERSION (v1_13) tags when
importing the modules... and get on modifying those sources within the main

Now I would like to add to that branch the changes included in a patch file
developed by GNU... I would like to know is the things I have to do are
1.- Checkout the original sources that I first included in the repository
BRANCH 'GNU' and VERSION 'v1_13'.
2.- Apply the patch (downloaded from GNU) to the module that I've just
checked out at step 1.
3.- Tag that module as, for instance, 'v1_13_PATCHED'.
4.- Checkin the patched module.

Is this correct? How should I merge the changes patched, to add them to the
main trunk modified sources?

Thanks in advance, and best regards

Miguel Ángel

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