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Changing the type of files from text to binary

From: Reinstein, Shlomo
Subject: Changing the type of files from text to binary
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2002 22:06:33 +0300


I work with CVS 1.11.
I would like to change the type of .dsp and .dsw files (Project files and
Workspaces of MSDEV) in my repository to binary, so that they can be used
with MSDEV even when checked-out on Linux.
The problem with that is that changing the type to binary (using "cvs admin
-kb ...") will cause all existing revisions of the files to become unusable,
since they will stay in canonical (Unix-) format in the repository, and they
will not be converted to Windows format even when checked-out on Windows.
Multiple revisions of these files are currently in use.

Is there a safe way to change the format to binary and have the existing
revisions stay usable? A long time ago I got a solution: Some script or
program that will create a new file in binary format, check-out each
revision of the old file, convert it to the appropriate format, and check it
in to the new file, and finally get rid of the old file and rename the new
one. The commit date and username will not be maintained, probably, but it's
better to have working revisions than to keep this information. Does such a
program/script exist?

BTW, I have already sent this message to the list, however, I didn't know
that I had to be subscribed to it, and I got the message that I need to wait
until the list moderator can see the message and decide if I can send it.
Since I don't know how long that will take, and I cannot wait much, I am
sending this email again. Sorry if that's inconvenient.


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