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Corrupted repository (

From: Miller Sally S NPRI
Subject: Corrupted repository (
Date: Wed, 05 Jun 2002 15:03:48 -0400

Using CVS 1.10 on Solaris
The team had been using RCS for a long time and did not see any problems.
Still I was concerned about our set-up as I am not sure if it is correctly NFS 
or not.

The other day I got:
"cvs [update aborted]: invalid change text in /home/cvsroot/src/foo,v"

I searched the archives and it was apparent that I had a corrupted repository :(

I have used the script
from here:

and every single corrupted file was in the attic (or was in the Attic as a 
previous version)
but not every Attic file was corrupted.  I was not convinced that it was an NFS 
problem. If it was
I would have expected more files corrupted and some not related to the attic.

I went here:

 I did not see anything that would lead me to believe that I needed to update 
my CVS.

Then I found this:

AH HA! a linked file got committed into the repository at some point.  This 
made sense! 
When the team used RCS they had lots of links. (and still do but that is 
another problem)
As the team has settled in, links were removed and actual files were used or 
the Makefile
was modified  to point to the actual file and not use a link.

So my question is:
Can I prevent linked files from getting committed?

Sally Smart Miller
I used to be Smart then I got married.

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