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RE: CVS and access rights

From: Vijay Narayanan
Subject: RE: CVS and access rights
Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2002 17:56:16 +0530

I solved the permission problem by round about way creating unix groups for
each project and physically going to each folder and assigning rights to
that group alone. Working fine xcept that each folder has to be individually
given permissions, which is a pain.


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Subject: Re: CVS and access rights

Sascha Reetz wrote:
> Hello!
> I  want  to run a cvs server for several projects. I gave every user a
> Unix  User account. It is important, that not every user has access to
> every project. I thought it could be smart to handle this by unix file
> access rights. But it do not work correctly.

Using file permissions is usually the simplest way to handle it, but
what exactly is your problem?


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