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Re: CVS and access rights

From: Sascha Reetz
Subject: Re: CVS and access rights
Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2002 14:29:51 +0200



user1000: group A Groups projecta projectb
user1001: group B Grousp projecta

user1000 checks something in. the persmisson of the file is:

-rw-rw--- user1000 A filefoo

user1001 as no access now to the file.

MR> Sascha Reetz wrote:
>> Hello!
>> I  want  to run a cvs server for several projects. I gave every user a
>> Unix  User account. It is important, that not every user has access to
>> every project. I thought it could be smart to handle this by unix file
>> access rights. But it do not work correctly.

MR> Using file permissions is usually the simplest way to handle it, but
MR> what exactly is your problem?

MR> -Matt

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