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Re: Plea for help with 1.11.2

From: Edmund
Subject: Re: Plea for help with 1.11.2
Date: Fri, 07 Jun 2002 14:39:35 +0800

Vince Rice wrote:

> CVSROOT is set to :local:e:\cvs\.  I'm not sure what else you want to know;
> the repository has existed for over a year (created with 1.10).  All of the
> CVS/Root files are correct.  I have no trouble with the repository using
> 1.10, nor do I have trouble checking *out* with 1.11.2.  I just can't do
> anything that changes the repository (commit, admin, tag, etc.) with 1.11.2.

Hmm, just found out I only use and not the latest cvshome one.
It looks like a security-level/access issue with regards to the file system
and the permissions.  But since nothing has changed in your repository,
then I'm assuming it's a bug.

Sorry I really couldn't help you.  I thought I could, but since I'm using
a different version.. I can't.


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